About Us

Can Won Consulting Ltd.’s education service is founded by Victor Lu Wan Zong and his partners.

Victor has over 30 years of experience in civil and structural construction and project management as field engineer, project manager in China and Canada. Extensive experience in heavy construction, deep foundation construction, curtain wall , coal mine project , and infrastructure. He specializes in project management, construction schedule, Q.S./ cost control , coordination , contract administration , procedures , site safety , and crew supervision and management.

He is a professional engineer, professional consultant engineer, and professional Quantity Survey and
Cost engineer in China. He is a BC civil engineer, registered builder. He has master  degree in construction management from Harbin Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute

Can Won Consulting Ltd.的教育服务由陆万宗 (Victor Lu Wan Zong) 和他的合作伙伴们成立。

陆万宗作 为现场工程师,中国项目经理,在土木和建筑结构以及项目管理方面拥有30多年的经验。在大型建筑,深基础施工,幕墙,煤矿项目和基础设施方面拥有丰富的经验。他专注于项目管理,施工进度,Q.S./成本控制,协调,合同管理,现场安全,员工监督和管理。 他是一名专业工程师,专业顾问工程师,以及专业的成本工程师。 他是卑诗省土木工程师,注册建商。 他拥有哈尔滨建筑工程学院管理硕士学位.