Building Structural Shell & Outer Protective Layers Construction Details (7 CPD)


Product Description

The details included in this course follow the approximate
order of construction, starting with the foundation and
working up to the roof. The course starts on foundations,
including: footings, foundation walls, pier & grade, beam
systems, retaining walls, basement walls, drainage &
waterproofing, wall caps, slabs. The course then covers
floors, including: beams, joist systems, girder systems,
sub flooring, porches & decks, insulation, next it covers
walls, framing, lateral bracing, sheathing, shear walls,
moisture & air barriers, windows, doors, flashing, exterior
finishes, insulation. The course then covers roofs,
including: roof framing, sheathing, flashing, roofing, gutters
& downspouts, insulation & ventilation. Finally the course
covers stairs, including: stair framing, treads & risers,
balustrades, handrails, exterior stairs and exterior steps.