ICF Wall Construction Design With Case Study (7 hours, 7 CPD)


Product Description

ICF means insulating concrete form system. This building
system can reduce the cost and increase the flexibility &
versatility of cast in place concrete walls and help our
environment by saving energy.

ICF consists of panels, ties, metal trucks and metal brackets.
ICF system is different from normal plywood form system,
it is a revolutionary construction method. This course will
cover all areas of ICF system from materials, tools, safety
regulation, construction technology, and design
considerations. The course also covers rebar work, building
codes, safety requirements. The course also covers
concrete cast technology and requirements, damp proofing,
waterproofing, interior wall finishing, exterior wall finishing,
finally the course will cover fastening to ICF walls, electrical
service, plumbing service. Finally, the case study part of the
course will cover a real example construction process and technology.